Silver River Center for Chair Caning

Our mission is to cultivate and inspire a reverence for a world wide chair caning legacy.

Our vision is promoting an enthusiasm for the craft through restoration, education, and travel.

We are a couple of chair nerds on a mission to revive a dying art. We want to empower everyone to learn to restore their own chairs.  And so, we recently expanded our chair caning restoration business into Silver River Center for Chair Caning, the nation’s only chair caning school and museum!  The above video shows our evolution from professional crafters to shameless chair nerds.

Benno M. Forman, author of American Seating Furniture 1630-1730, stated that “chairs are documents, and caners are historians who preserve centuries of designs and techniques.”  We are proud to honor this skill and all chair nerds (past, present, and future) with Silver River Center for Chair Caning.