Machine Cane 101:
Seat Removal


The class is offered by appointment. Call 828-707-4553 to schedule.

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Why is removal of the seat separated into its own class?

  • Often it is more difficult and takes longer to remove the old seat than it does to actually install the new seat.
  • Removal and installation in the same class makes for a long day of hammering and shoulder work.
  • Some chairs have conveniently been cleaned out already.
  • It is easiest to help you measure your chair for proper sizing of cane and spline once the old seat is removed.

Length: 2-4 hours
Cost: includes all tools and materials needed to remove your old seat, instruction, and supervision of work.

If you want us to remove your seat for you, we will do so for $40.  Call for an appointment a week before class.

If you want to remove the cane yourself at home please keep the groove as uniform as possible.  Any chunks chipped from the groove will make installation more difficult and will reduce the lifespan of your new seat.

IMPORTANT: Please read through our Workshop FAQs.