Better late than never…

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Planet Art would like to thank Asheville Savings Bank for allowing us to have a display in the lobby….in October. According to The Better World Shopping Guide Book’s Top Ten things to change to make the most difference for people and the planet, #1 is your bank!! ¬†Followed by #2 Gasoline (duh), #3 Supermarkets (educate yourselves!), #4 Retail Stores (buy LOCAL!), #5 Car, #6 Seafood (I know Tuna is yummy but we are fishing them to extinction!), #7 is Chocolate (fair trade, organic, or raw), #8 is Coffee (ditto), #9 Credit Cards (don’t get me started, and #10 Cleaning Products. Last year, I opened a bank account with Asheville Savings Bank and it has been such a nice change from getting jerked around by the two bigger banks around. This service is FREE to businesses who have an account with them. Oh, and your dog can go inside, and sometimes they have cake. Here was our display:

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