Fall classes are September 16-20 & 23-27


Silver River Center for Chair Caning encourages the DIY spirit in anyone who wants to

  • Fix a family heirloom
  • Complement your furniture making skills
  • Expand your furniture restoration skills
  • Learn a new hands-on hobby
  • Start your own chair restoration business



SCHEDULE A PRIVATE ZOOM TUTORIAL – $50/hour – Call 828-707-4553 or email SilverRiverChairs@gmail.com

3 Class Styles


All Levels Boot Camp – a two week intensive geared toward beginners but also great for perfecting/expanding the skills of an intermediate seat weaver. Instruction in Laced Cane, Pressed Cane, Shaker Tape, Fiber Rush & Splint Reed. 

Design Your Own Boot Camp – a more tailored experience ideal for furniture makers incorporating woven elements or weavers who want to learn advanced skills, materials, & patterns. 

  • A total of 5 chairs can be completed in 2 weeks.  
  • Learn tips to simplify the process, some history, and business skills.
  • Take all 5 classes within 1 year and still get the $250 discount.
  • All materials and tools provided.
  • Bring a friend and get an additional $100 off…for each of you! 


Bring your own chairs, or we can provide them for you for a nominal fee. Tuition includes all tools and materials, after-class assistance with related projects, and $50 off future classes. 

Click the class you’d like to explore:

TUTORIALS In-person & Online!

Schedule a tutorial in 1-hour increments. Materials not included in the cost but we are glad to order materials for you. Examples of chairs that are ideal for tutorials include:

  • Advanced Chair Caning
  • Porch Rockers
  • Danish Cord
  • Binder Cane
  • Hickory Bark
  • Natural Rush

Workshop FAQ’s

Parking onsite at CURVE Studios. Park in front of the garden area. There are public lots across the street and just past the garden on the right.
If you’d like to bring your own chair but aren’t sure exactly what you need, have a look at our explanations below:

Choosing a Chair for Pressed Caning Class:

Choosing a Chair for Laced Caning Class:

Choosing a Chair for Rush, Splint, or Shaker Tape Class:

https://youtu.be/NDxJkJ9InTU If you don’t have a chair, we can pick one up for you for $10-$40, depending on the chair. Please let us know when you sign up so we can find a chair.

 We provide tools during class. You may check out our tools if you want to work at home. Feel free to bring your own tools if you’d like. 
If you have your own cane/rush/reed, and it has passed our inspection, we will discount your class cost in the amount of your materials. For individual tutorials, you provide your own materials. We provide a list of caning suppliers for future projects.
Comfortable clothing and shoes. We teach standing on anti-fatigue mats but you can also sit down. You are working with fibrous plant materials and sharp tools that may pick clothing. We have great heat in the winter but do not have AC for the summer. Dress accordingly.
Splint and Shaker Tape are the quickest, least complicated classes, followed by machine-woven caning, and rush weaving. Laced caning takes 5 days.

Our golden retriever Rosie loves to come to work but generally doesn’t come in on a busy class day. If you are allergic, please let us know so we can clean the shop really well.
Bathrooms are on-site. Bring your own lunch or snacks and store it in our refrigerator, or go to a River Arts District cafe. We have all plates/napkins/utensils/cups/water/tea available for you.
$25 discount on each class that you take after the first one. Bring a friend, you get $25 off. Buy a 5 class package (Boot Camp) and save $150. Attend Boot Camp with a friend and save an additional $100 each.
5o% down payment to hold your space. Full refund with 48 hours notice. 24 hours notice of cancellation results in a 50% of deposit returned (exclusions may be considered based on situation). No show/no reschedule/no refund. Rescheduling for classes allowed at $25/class in most circumstances.
If you live out of town, call to determine if you have a suitable chair for the class. Send an email with photos. You may need measuring tape. You may need to remove your old seat. THIS IS IMPORTANT so that we get the right material for your chair. If you are local, stop by.
  • Bring in your chair a week in advance so we can inspect it.
  • Structural Repair must be done before you install the seat.
  • Refinishing of the chair should be done before you weave the seat.
  • Save your old seat if you want to match a specific material/pattern/color.
Some chairs can’t be finished in a day-Rush and Splint chairs must dry over night and then get a shellac coating to protect them from stains. We can do this for you, we can send you home with instructions, or you can come back in the next day to shellac your chair. It will only take about an hour which includes enough time for the shellac to dry enough for you to take the chair home.
A signed waiver is required for participation in any of our workshops.
If you have financial need and are willing to work for us for trade of class cost, we will consider based on each situation.