1. Send photos of your chair to SilverRiverChairs@gmail.com or text them to 828-707-4553. INCLUDE YOUR NAME!
  2. We will call you a few weeks ahead of your chair’s turn in the shop.
  3. Make an appointment to drop off your chair.

Other things to note

  • Please leave the old seat in so that we can see the pattern/style, etc.
  • Plan ahead: Because we are primarily teachers, and because of the pandemic, we have a backlog of 2-5 months.
  • Cleaning fee: We will charge a $50 minimum fee if there is mold or excessive dust.
  • Areas of service: You can mail us your chair, especially if the seat comes off or if you have a footstool. Or check the resources page to find a chair caner closer to you.
  • Pick-Up & Delivery: available with a $40 minimum fee within Asheville, plus the standard mileage rate per mile outside of Asheville.
  • We don’t stain cane: We are weavers…staining is a completely different skill set and is actually not great for the longevity of some seats. We prefer not to mess with harsh chemicals. Cane is particularly difficult to stain and we recommend taking it to a professional if you want it stained to match a set.  See our Resources page for a list of preferred woodworkers.
  • MORE INVOLVED REPAIRS INCLUDE: rush chairs with slots, rush chairs that are frame only (no legs or back), machine woven cane with shared seams, or machine woven cane that is particularly difficult to remove, chairs with fine/fine cane or several hundred holes, or chairs with recessed holes, splint weaves around oddly shaped frames, more complicated Danish Mid-Century Modern chairs.  Blind cane and medallion chairs priced according to each chair’s particularities.
  • Structural work and Refinishing may be necessary.  We can re-glue rungs for $40.  If you want to refinish the wood, please do so before caning, but PLEASE BRING IN THE CHAIR OR TAKE A PHOTO (both top and bottom of seat) BEFORE YOU REMOVE THE SEAT…you can also save the old seat so we can make sure we replicate your seat as best as possible. See our Resources page for preferred woodworkers.
  • Payment policy:  Cash & check discount of 3% is included in our prices. We take all credit cards. Payment is due within two weeks of completing your restoration. If you are out of town, please send a check payable to Silver River Chairs to 5 River Arts Place. Asheville, NC 28801, or we can email you an invoice and you can enter your credit card information securely online. Payment plans are negotiable.  After 5 attempts to contact you for payment with no return call, you have forfeited your deposit and the chair becomes our property.
  • Storage: Your chair can hang out in our studio for a maximum of 1 month after date of completion.  After that, you will be charged $10/mo storage fee.  After one year, the chair is ours and you forfeit your payment.

Thanks for your consideration and understanding of our small business. We will take good care of your chair.