Chair caning student installing machine-woven cane webbing on a bench.

This class is offered only twice/year but we are glad to teach you by appointment anytime. Call 828-707-4553 to schedule. 

How to tell if your chair has machine woven cane:  Your chair will have a thin piece of wood between the cane and wooden seat frame. You will not see loops of cane underneath the seat, but a flat wooden bottom.

Installing a Pressed Cane Seat
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Learn to remove and install a machine-woven caned seat.


machine-cane-chair-suitable-for-classesClass size: 1-6 people

Class Length: Approximately 4 hours

Cost: Includes machine-woven cane, spline, four hours of instruction, and all tools and materials necessary to complete the project.

BYOC: Bring your own chair or we can provide one for you at $20-$40 depending on the chair

IMPORTANT: Please read through our Workshop FAQs.

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