Learn to weave Shaker tape on a chair with four rails.

General: Named after the religious sect, the Shakers, who were meticulous in their work and believed that even the furniture they created was a reflection of God. Shaker tape is a lot of fun to weave with diverse options for color and pattern. Similar to splint weaving but easier on your hands. A beautiful and comfortable seat. Any seat that has once had rush or splint reed can be woven with this technique.

 Special Considerations:

There are two different sizes of shaker tape (5/8” and 1”) and many different colors. See Shaker Workshops for examples.

Shaker Tape Weaving
Friday November 17, 2023


Learn to weave a chair seat with Shaker tape.

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Shaker tape comes in many colors and two sizes. Patterns are infinite, but in class you will learn checkerboard and herringbone twill.

Learn to weave a chair with Shaker tape.

Class Size: 5 people

Class Length: Approximately 5 hours

Tuition: includes one or two colors of Shaker Tape, five hours of instruction, and all tools and materials* necessary to complete a project. 

BYOC:  Bring your own chair or we can provide one for you with advanced notice for ~$50. Click here to watch a video that explains how to pick the best beginner chair for your first project.  

*BEFORE CLASS: Students need to choose colors of Shaker tape at least 2 weeks in advance of the class.  Stop by the school to see colors in person or look online at Shaker Workshops.

  • Please note that there are different sizes of shaker tape (5/8” , 7/8″ , & 1”). We designed the class for 5/8 tape.
  • 1 inch tape will go very quickly – we suggest 5/8 tape for a stronger seat
  • Please have a second choice for colors…Recently a few colors have been back-ordered for a while. Choosing your colors a month or more in advance is highly recommended.

IMPORTANT: Please read our Workshop FAQs.

Choosing a Chair for Shaker Tape Weaving Class