Hand-Woven / Laced Caning


Learn hand-woven caning on a chair seat in this week-long class.

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laced-caning-chair-shape-suitable-for-learningClass Length: 5 Sessions 

Cost: Includes appropriately sized cane, 35 hours of instruction, and all tools and materials necessary to complete the project.

BYOC: Bring your own chair or we can provide one for you for $40-$60 depending on the style/amount of work involved in refurbishing.

Before Class:  At least a week before class we need to measure your chair for appropriately sized cane strands, and inspect it for structural issues.

Chairs not ideal for your first class: 

  • ROUND CHAIRS! Common but not great for your first project
  • chairs with curved back/seat are not ideal but easier than round chairs
  • recessed holes underneath like Bentwood chairs
  • chairs with over 100 holes
  • holes that do not go all the way through the frame or share a seam with other panels of cane
  • chairs that have a frame which must be removed from the rest of the chair in order to weave

IMPORTANT: Please read through our Workshop FAQs.

Choosing a Chair for Laced Caning Class