Rush Weaving
Paper Cord
Tues & Wed, September 24-25, 2024


Learn to weave a chair seat with paper fiber rush 

Paper rush is also called fiber rush.

Paper rush chair seat.

Class Length: 2 days 10am-4pm

Tuition: Includes all tools/materials needed to complete one chair seat.

BYOC: Bring your own chair or we can provide one for you with advanced notice for ~$40-$50.

Click here to watch a video showing how to choose the best beginner chairs for your first project. 

After the class:  your new seat will need a shellac coating.  The chair should dry overnight first. We can do this for you and you can pick it up the next day, you can return to the shop the next day and do it yourself, or we can send you home with simple instructions to do it yourself.

Special considerations for rush weaving classes:

  • Rush is the most physically demanding of all of the styles of weaving. You must have moderate to strong hand, shoulder, arm strength to do this work.
  • Rush is the easiest pattern to understand…but the hardest to make look good. Practicing on dozens of chairs after the class will help your rush weaving skills improve and your seats look posh.
  • Learning on a rectangular footstool will not be the same experience as learning on a trapezoidal chair seat. If you’re wanting to learn in order to do this as a hobby/job, learning on a chair will be the best way to get your practice going.
  • Rocking Chairs are generally larger and not suitable for a class setting. Send us a photo of your chair if you wanted to learn on a rocker, we may be able to accommodate if it is small.
  • If your chair has wooden edging to remove from the sides of the seat, this must be done before class. We can remove and re-attach the skirts for a fee but this should be done AT LEAST ONE DAY BEFORE CLASS and will require 1-2 days after the class to reattach and match color.  We are going to have to charge for our time on this. This could be done by any furniture restoration professional in your hometown.

IMPORTANT: Please read our Workshop FAQs.

Choosing a Chair for Rush Weaving Class

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Class Date

Tues & Wed, September 24-25, 2024