We are very fortunate to be in the craft-friendly town of Asheville, NC. Here are some tips for out-of-towners coming in for chair caning classes.

July and October are the busiest months, with Spring/Summer/Fall relatively steady with tourism. Booking a place to stay in advance is recommended.

Airbnb is a great way to save money and experience Asheville like a local. You can enter the search “near River Arts District.”

A student of ours operates a nice cluster of cabins about 15 minutes from the school and nestled in the forest.

Hotels: anything near Biltmore Village off of I-40 on the East side is close enough and reputable.
I like www.brookstonelodgeasheville.com for my family when they are in town.

Anything off I-40 on the West side is more tangled in traffic but probably less expensive.

Anything off I-240, and Tunnel Rd is easy access to the school.

Anything in South Asheville off I-26 you will deal with lots of traffic. There are a few hotels at Brevard Rd. Hwy 191  at the Asheville Outlets that are still pretty close, but once you get to Fletcher or Arden in South Asheville, tons of traffic every day.

North of Asheville, the town of Weaverville is super charming and has a walkable main street.

Downtown hotels are fun and often expensive. Hotels in general in Asheville are priced higher than most small towns. The Grove Park Inn is pricey but a fantastic experience…they also have good chairs.

Fantastic B&Bs are plentiful in the Montford area of downtown (I-240 Exits 4, 5, 6) and are easy access to the school The Black Walnut, The Whitegate Inn, Beaufort House Inn, and Chestnut Street Inn.