Installing a Pressed Cane Seat
Thursday Sept 21, 2023


A regular sized pressed cane chair seat

Most chair seats are about this size. Most chair backs are larger. If your chair’s cane panel is larger, or has lots of angles around the groove, it may take you longer than other students.

Learn to restore a machine-woven/pressed caned chair seat.

The class includes an in-depth look at materials, history, and process of pressed caning, aka machine-woven/loom-woven chair caning, or sheet caning.

The process is done in two parts:

  1. Removal
  2. Installation

Removal: If the chair behaves removal could take just a few minutes. If the chair is more ornery, it could take an hour or more with lots of hammering, chiseling, and gunk removal. Once the material is removed from the groove, there is a bit of prep work before installation.

Installation: Once you start, you can’t stop! This is one of the more time-sensitive chair caning processes. There is a fair bit of hammering but it is pretty straight forward. If your chair behaves, you could be done in an hour or two, depending on the size/shape/construction elements of your particular chair.


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machine-cane-chair-suitable-for-classesRestore a pressed cane (aka machine cane) chair seat:

Class size: 1-5 people

Class Length: Approximately 5 hours depending on your chair. You may need more time and you are welcome to stay until 5pm.

After the Class: Your chair will have glue in the channel of the seat or back. It will need to sit still (preferably over night) so that the glue doesn’t run. For chair seats, if you can transport your chair upright in your car, you’ll be ok taking it home immediately. For chair backs, if you can transport your chair on its back, you will be ok taking it home immediately. It is best to let the chair sit overnight. 

Cost: Includes machine-woven cane, spline, five hours of instruction, and all tools and materials necessary to complete the a project. Some chair backs may have an additional $10 fee for a larger sheet of cane webbing.

BYOC: Bring your own chair or we can provide one for you for ~ $40-$50, depending on the chair and how much work we put into it before class.

IMPORTANT: Please read our Workshop FAQs.

Choosing a Chair for Pressed Caning Class


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Thursday Sept 21, 2023

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