• Silver River Center for Chair Caning

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Welcome to Silver River Center For Chair Caning


The nation’s only chair caning school & museum is operated by Brandy Clements & Dave Klingler, two chair nerds on a mission to dispel the myth that chair caning is a “dying art.”

All restoration fees, class fees, and chair nerd t-shirt sales help keep the chair caning museum FREE for the education of the masses. Thanks for your support.

Dave Klinger and Brandy Clements of Silver River Center of Chair Caning are two of the most passionate and energetic people I have ever met in any industry. They have the ability, patience and knowledge to assimilate with both the novice weaver or the highly experienced craftsman. Two of the most talented weavers, businessmen, organizers and genuine people in the Chair Seat Weaving Industry. It will be no surprise to me to watch the Silver River Center of Chair Caning succeed and flourish for many decades to come.Ray DeFrancesco, President HH Perkins Co.