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Or Galaxy Stroll...whatever!

Or Galaxy Stroll...whatever!

Lots of deliciousness is happening in the Galaxy as well:

Roots Cafe [located inside the Grey Eagle; 185 Clingman Ave] featuring locally sourced meats & cheeses and fantastic vegetarian fare. 

The Junction [located in the Pink Dog Creative Buildings at 348 Depot Street] Featuring house-made soups, salads & sandwiches from regional farms & a full bar with fresh squeezed cocktails. My favorite is the vodka, hibiscus, and basil…delish! Did I mention SUPER NICE FOLKS?

– White Duck Taco Shop [the Hatchery, 1 Roberts Street] Affordable, creative & quick tacos, soups & snacks. Can’t wait to try it!

The Magnetic Field [372 Depot Street] It’s a cafe, it’s a bar, it’s a theatre! Enjoy a delectable meal & a wonderful performance.  They catered the Big Bang and there was not a single bit of leftovers for us! 

Nourish & Flourish Organic Juice Bar [347 Depot] Fresh squeezed juices with ingredients from local farms & award winning rashi teas.  A fantastic and guilt free option to getting an iced mocha…you are what you eat…and drink!
The Classics:
12 Bones [5 Riverside Drive] Best BBQ in town, nuff said.
Clingman Cafe [242 Clingman Ave.] All I can say is YUM! Organic coffee, breakfast, lunch & now dinner (Thurs & Fri!) 

The Wedge Brewing Co. [125 B Roberts Street] Sunset views & amazing brews. Check out one of the reasons Asheville was recently voted Beer City USA (3rd year in a row!)
So there you have it; the rundown. More reasons to visit the River Arts District; a district of creation, passion & dedication. Where 160 artists make up an eclectic community in 19 historical rehabilitated buildings along a 1 1/2 mile stretch of the French Broad River. Come visit the district & see creation at its best! (and grab some grub while your at it…)

Planet Art would like to thank Laurie McCarrier for this post and for generally being awesome!

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