Are you a business owner who wants to train your employees?

Need help with your chair but can’t make it to Asheville?

Are you wanting to become a chair caner and have questions?

Architects, Decorators, CEOs, Furniture Designers, Students, Hobbyists:  A LOT of people call and email us for advice. We love geeking out on chairs and helping people, but we have so…many…chairs to weave, not to mention the business to run. Therefore, we can talk to you on the phone for 10 minutes at no charge. Please keep in mind it is difficult to give advice when we can’t see your chair in person.

To expedite the process:

1.  EMAIL photos of your chair to before calling.  Have SPECIFIC questions ready! Send photos and questions in the same email. Please do not send multiple emails.

2. In the subject line, please enter “consultation.”

3.  In the body of the email, ask your questions.  

4. Tell me your availability to talk.  We can take care of some things online but phone calls are just easier. Emails keep us away from chairs.

Consultation Fee after 10 minutes, $25/30 minutes of phone time.  

It is my goal to spread the love of chairs all over the world. I am compelled to prevent caning from becoming a lost art. In an ideal world, I’d weave chairs and teach caning for free….In the real world, I have to charge by the hour or fraction thereof.

Join these groups on Facebook, you’ll get help a lot quicker than waiting for us to get back to you.

Cane & Wicker Restoration

The SeatWeavers’ Guild, Inc (you must be a member)

WE HAVE A YOU TUBE CHANNEL where you can watch videos of how to restore a Windsor chair with natural rush, Shaker tape weaving, splint weaving, as well as various tips and tricks for Danish cord and how to pick a good chair for your first project.

Thanks for understanding.