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The chair I was most charmed by, Tibetan Temple Chair with bells.

#chairdujour “new” fun on Instagram & reboot of a nerdy chair blog

It really isn’t hard to find your tribe these days. I was fortunate that I started my chair caning business about the same time as the internet and social media were gaining steam. Now I correspond regularly with chair weavers from Argentina to Australia, Denmark to Japan, and all over the US.

Diane Carnevale is primarily a watercolor artist with a passion for oil painting who did a 365 day chair blog project in 2009 called Chair du Jour.  She painted a series of chairs in lovely blues (btw 2020 Pantone of the year) and brought it back on Instagram in 2020. She plans to sneak in some new chairs in the stories, some timelapse of the painting process, and photos of finished chairs.

The [Chair du Jour] blog showcases the 365 chairs that Diane painted each day in 2009. Some chairs are traditional, most are quite unusual, and they all have a story behind them.” She has a concise but informative excerpt on each chair for your #chairnerd education. “The sketches are painted on Winsor & Newton Cotman 140 lb. cold pressed 4 x 6″ watercolor sheets, using Winsor & Newton French Ultramarine blue.” Its a great way to enhance your chair nerd education. 

chair-du-jour-SRCCC-1 chair-du-jour-SRCCC-7 chair-du-jour-SRCCC-4 chair-du-jour-SRCCC-2 chair-du-jour-SRCCC-8 chair-du-jour-SRCCC-6 chair-du-jour-SRCCC-5 chair-du-jour-SRCCC-3 pantone-2020-SRCCC
The chair I was most charmed by, Tibetan Temple Chair with bells.

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