Chairs at The House on the Rock

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The House on the Rock is located in the middle of Wisconsin. It’s a crazy indescribably roadside attraction that we learned of from Neil Gaiman‘s book and tv series, American Gods (watch it on Stars). When we went to The Furniture Society Annual Conference in Milwaukee this summer, we couldn’t help but take a detour to go check it out. It’s astounding and no words can describe it. Highlights include, giant carousel with no horses, room sized music boxes, a giant squid attacking a whale, and massive collections of really random and cool stuff. Of course there were cool CHAIRS! A couple of life-sized chairs, and lots of really cool dollhouse chairs that perfectly emulated their life-sized cohorts, and many of those chairs were in glass domes or in dioramas. I might be obsessed with them now. Here they are, large and small.

HOTR-rattan-panel-on-carriage-detail-SRCCC HOTR-token-life-sized-caned-chair-SRCCC-1 HOTR-token-life-sized-caned-chair-SRCCC-2 HOTR-rattan-panel-on-carriage-SRCCC HOTR-whale-bone-chair-SRCCC HOTR-ladies-room-chair-SRCCC HOTR-whale-bone-chair-detail-SRCCC HOTR-optometrist-chair-SRCCC HOTR-dollhouse-rush-chair-SRCCC-9 HOTR-dollhouse-bentwood-rocker-SRCCC-2 HOTR-dollhouse-bentwood-rocker-SRCCC-1 HOTR-dollhouse-caned-chair-SRCCC-1 HOTR-dollhouse-rush-chair-SRCCC-11 HOTR-dollhouse-rush-chair-SRCCC-8 HOTR-dollhouse-wicker-chair-SRCCC-2 HOTR-dollhouse-lincoln-rocker-SRCCC-2 HOTR-dollhouse-lincoln-rocker-SRCCC-1 HOTR-dollhouse-wicker-chair-SRCCC-1 HOTR-dollhouse-rush-chair-SRCCC-7 HOTR-dollhouse-rush-chair-SRCCC-6 HOTR-dollhouse-folding-rocker-SRCCC- HOTR-dollhouse-wicker-chair-SRCCC-3 HOTR-dollhouse-rush-chair-SRCCC-5 HOTR-dollhouse-rush-chair-SRCCC-10 HOTR-dollhouse-rush-chair-SRCCC-3 HOTR-dollhouse-bark-rocker-SRCCC-1 HOTR-dollhouse-caned-sofa-SRCCC-2 HOTR-dollhouse-caned-sofa-SRCCC-1 HOTR-dollhouse-terrarium-turned-chair-SRCCC-1 HOTR-dollhouse-rush-chair-SRCCC-2 HOTR-dollhouse-rush-chair-SRCCC-1
optometrist chair, which of course, Aunt Kathy had an identical one at her farm house, alongside the snowshoe chairs

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