Chairs with Woven Leather

We don’t get the opportunity to work with leather often. Hence the concentrated posts on leather chairs. It’s easy to post about things you don’t have many images of. It is a bit harder to pare down the crucial images for caning when you’ve woven over 3,000 chairs. Here is a look at a custom made bench with leather straps, a drop-in rush seat for a Gustav Stickley chair (sorry, I can’t seem to find the image with the seat in the chair!), and last but certainly not least, a South African Riempie chair. I’ll do a separate post about Riempie…just got this post in under the wire. Enjoy the slideshow.

leather-straps-SRCCC leather-custom-bench-in-progress leather-custom-bench-in-progress-2 leather-custom-bench-complete SRCCC-riempe-seat-after SRCCC-riempe-chair-shadow SRCCC-riempe-bottom-after SRCCC-riempie-before stickely-chair-with-leather-cord-2 stickley-chair-leather-cord-complete
Weaving a straight forward warp-weft plain weave, we were able to utilize our old picture framing skills and tools to stretch the leather tight as if it were a canvas on a frame.

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