HOLY CHAIRS! Classes and potential employees, it’s time!

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Back when Dave and I took the Mountain BizWorks Foundations Class, I had this image in my head of the commercial where the new business people are surrounding their computer.  They click a button and say, “okay, we’re live!”  with a smile.  They get an order, there may have been some high-5’s.  Then it blinks and blinks and the orders exponentially multiply.  To their shock and surprise, they are suddenly (to use my waitressing lingo) in the weeds. 

Pile of Chairs by PouletFritesMayO Boucher

Pile of Chairs by PouletFritesMayO Boucher

That’s what it’s like these days on Planet Art.  My hands hurt.  My back hurts…it’s only been a year!  Yesterday I caned 10 hours, the day before 8 hours, the day before 8 hours, a few days before that 5 hours, a few days before that 3 hours….just on the same seat!  Oy vey!  The chairs keep coming in and so do the phone calls.  A tidal wave of chairs. 

The gist of this is, we need an employee…on contract terms, per chair.  The thing is it takes a while to learn and perfect the art of the many types of chair caning.  And we are perfectionists.  We do not let sub par work go out the door.  So my thought is we need to teach classes and if someone shows promise, they may be called upon to do a chair for us. 

Classes:  beginning rush (stools in square or rectangle), seat rush (angles add a different element), natural rush, beginning pressed cane, beginning laced cane (simple chairs with larger strands of cane), advanced laced cane, advanced pressed cane, splint weaving….and more!

Pricing: $50 (basic rush)-$150 (laced cane takes several days) per person, includes supplies.  BYOC if you have one you are particularly interested in fixing.  Otherwise, we will scour antique stores for a chair for you to work on.  If you want to keep your chair and we have supplied the chair, we will add the cost of the chair to your fee….(usually chairs are around $40 for a quality laced cane or $6 for a bargain rush chair. 

Dates & Times:  that is the million dollar question!  I’m thinking around November so I have time to get ads worked up and materials/chairs sorted out…and figuring out how to legally pay contract employees and workers comp issues. Fun times.  

Anyone interested call Planet Art at 707-4553.

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