Want to take a caning class?

Greetings from Planet Art in the River Arts District!
I am trying to put together a schedule for 2012 including Chair Caning classes as early as March!  Below are 7 questions that will help me in planning classes. General information follows the questionaire, please read…it’s a lot of info!
Please respond at your convenience with the following information to gochairrepair@gmail.com or call 828-707-4553:

1.  What type of caning do you want to learn? (Caning is an umbrella term for many types of chair weaving: hand caning and machine caning, natural and paper rush weaving, shaker tape, or splint weaving including standard reed and authentic hickory or oak split bark.)  Please see Services page to see different types of caning.

2.  What days and times work best for you? (Please specify weekdays/weeknights/weekend days/or specific times and days of the week)
3.  Would you be interested in a class setting or individual tutorial?
4.  If you want to learn hand caning (aka laced caning) do you have time to do 1 class/week for a month? Or would you prefer 1 weekend/month for 4 months?
5.  Do you have a specific chair that you would like to repair on your own, and just need help?
6.  Would you need me to provide a chair or kit for you to learn on?
7.  Do you have any specific vacation plans or dates you definitely could NOT take a class?
  • Length of workshops…Chair caning is not something you learn in an hour and it can be hard on your body!  Classes will be 3-15 hours (depending on the type of weaving you want to learn) with stretch breaks before/during/after, so please plan on spending some time in the chair zone.  Machine caning takes at least 3 hours, paper rush takes about 6 hours for a chair or 3 for a small stool, splint weaving with reed or shaker tape takes about 5 hours for a chair or 3 hours for a small stool, and finally, laced caning takes about 15 hours.  Laced caning is an ordeal to be split up into 4 classes.
  • Prerequisite Classes….Natural rush, danish cord and authentic bark splint weaving are considered upper level workshops that require a prerequisite of a class using similar weaving techniques with a much less expensive material) before signing up.
  • Class fees are to be determined but are expected to be anywhere from $75-$300 depending on the type of weaving.  This includes materials (cane/rush/reed) and instruction time.  If you have a chair or stool already, you must bring it by the studio 2 weeks before your class so I can order material and make sure the chair is structurally sound.
  • Tools will be provided for use during workshops only and are available for check out if you need to.  A list of necessary tools will be sent to you prior to the class that you add to your own toolbox at home.
  • What will you be weaving? Chair or Stool?….If you require me to purchase a chair or stool for you, I’ll be happy to take a trip to the antique store to pick up reasonably priced solid chairs or footstools….and you may purchase them from me at cost.  Otherwise, please check with me about what to look out for when buying a chair to weave on!  If you have your own chair, please bring it to me so I can order the proper material for your class and make sure it has no structural defects.
  • Homework will be given for longer classes such as laced cane.  Be prepared to spend time on this type of weaving!
  • Individual tutorials for folks who just have questions about their current project will be $40/hour…this is your most economical way to learn!
  • Class sizes will be small, about 3 people or less, due to amount of attention required to weave and the size of my studio.
  • Food and bathrooms:  Bathrooms are clean and on-site.  Bring your own and store it in our refrigerator, or purchase from local River Arts District Restaurants close by.  For longer classes, with advanced notice, we can pool our resources (aka cash money) and I can get a local restaurant to provide lunch to be delivered.  We have a water cooler and glasses.
Thanks again for your input.  Please call me with any questions at 707-4553 or email gochairrepair@gmail.com.
With sincere gratitude for your time and your interest in my craft,
Brandy Clements
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