April 5, 2010

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I quote the Beatles…all you need is love…doot do do doot do….So I am at my sisters and spent the day “bonding with some furniture” as my dad used to say. These two big natural rush chairs were starting to get a little dry and brittle. Once they go, they go quickly so take care of your chairs folks! All they need is a little love. A little maintenance goes a long way. If you have natural or fiber rush and it is looking old, just slap a coat of shellac on the seat to give it a few more years. If you have cane, then wet a towel and lay it across the bottom of the chair every few months to help tighten the weave. Pictures coming soon.

March 1, 2010

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It’s okay if you get away from it, as long as you come back to it!

November 19, later

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Good news for Chair Repair!  I am working with Woody’s Chair Shop and will soon be offering beautiful hand crafted chairs, stools, and rockers. Scott Woody is a 7th generation chair maker and all around nice guy. Also just in are pictures from a cool chick I met outside Mountain Made. Bryn from Virginia Beach […]

November 19, 2009

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So this is the part where I tell you what’s new w/ me, the wisdom of the Tao of Chair, and other cool things I’ve learned, events I’ve attended, artists I’ve met, etc. 1st rule of the Tao of Chair:  Simply, Patience Buddha statue in Maui, Hawaii…did I mention I am also a photographer and […]