Cane-spotting…Norman Rockwell’s Chair

Norman Rockwell's self portrait...sitting on a cane chair!

Chair Repair, Chair Repair. Like I said,  it’s everywhere!  Including tonight on Antiques Roadshow.

Watch it here.   Or read the article.  This lady was a model for Norman as a child and her father was his friend/photographer, who eventually got the chair off of him.  He gave it away because the seat was broken! Happens all the time folks.

According to the article linked above, “Melinda’s father would occasionally bring objects from Rockwell’s studio home with him. ‘All I remember was my father came in with this chair with a big hole in the seat and he put it in his studio. My dad was a little superstitious—he always thought some of the aura would rub off on him while painting in the same chair that Norman would use.’ According to ROADSHOW appraiser Alasdair Nichol, the chair today is worth $50,000.”

Norman Rockwell's Cane Bottom Chair

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