The Return of The Beast

The Fluffy Beast guarding The Beast until we can begin working on the sides

It was exactly 1 year ago today that we THOUGHT we’d tamed The Beast, a chair that took over 200 hours to weave the medallion center back and the XXL seat with the XXS cane.  I posted some good stuff on the River Arts District Blog and then we had a Bon Voyage to the Beast Party complete with champagne toasts. When the party was over, the owners of the chair (who are extremely patient individuals) started to walk out…without their chair!

“Wait!”  I cried, “your chair!”

The Bennetts, turned around and said, “oh, our van broke down and we took it as a sign that we would hire you to fix the sides too.”

“Oh…”  I responded, a little in shock, and I must admit, immediate acceptance.

it really would look better if all 6 panels of the mid-late 1800’s chair, which contains every difficult element of caning possible in one chair, had matching cane.  The sides were original and totally crumbling to the touch.  Initially we were hired to fix only the functional parts of the chair, the ones that allowed for sitting.

Outside panel of the the double sided arms

Well exactly 1 year and well over a hundred hours later,

Inside panel of The Beast's double sided arms

we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The Beast hasn’t really returned so much as resided in our studio for 2/3 the amount of time that we’ve been there.

So check out the River Arts District Blog NOW and look out for the photo journey of us fixing double sided laced cane arms, slaving away on the most fantastic chair most people will ever see.  Or stop by the studio and witness our skills, which some people have described as pathological.  The Beast won’t be there for much longer.

We are open Mon-Fri 12-5.  Details and photo journey of weaving the arms coming soon.

The Beast ready for action



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