Chair Nerd Debut at Arrowmont, 2019. Part 2: The Class

Chair Nerd Debut at Arrowmont, 2019. Part 2: The Class

Is it possible to fall in love with 7 people in a week? Yes it is. If your students are as badass as those in our Chair Nerd debut at Arrowmont last summer. I mentioned in the previous post that Arrowmont is a bit of a bubble like summer camp. You make instant best friends […]

Unusual Rush Chair

“How long did it take you to learn how to weave chair seats?”  is a question we hear regularly from guests who are intrigued by our craft.  The answer, after almost 10 years and thousands of chairs, is that we are constantly learning. Dave recently repaired a rush chair that was a little unusual…it had […]

The Return of The Beast

It was exactly 1 year ago today that we THOUGHT we’d tamed The Beast, a chair that took over 200 hours to weave the medallion center back and the XXL seat with the XXS cane.  I posted some good stuff on the River Arts District Blog and then we had a Bon Voyage to the […]

Cane-spotting! The Inaugural Luncheon.

In the early days of my chair caning business, I came up with a cheer: GO CHAIR REPAIR! And a jingle: Chair repair, chair repair, doot doot doot doot doot chair repair. (If you’re trying to sing it yourself, the melody goes up the first 3 syllables, down the second 3 syllables, and the last […]

The Taming of the Beast

WE DID IT!  Our most difficult chair caning project to date.  It only took us one year and 228 hours, but we have tamed the Beast!  Visit the River Arts District blog to see a step by step photo journey of the process.  There are two posts, one for the seat weaving process (100+ hours) […]