The Taming of the Beast

Brandy and Dave tackle the Beast

WE DID IT!  Our most difficult chair caning project to date.  It only took us one year and 228 hours, but we have tamed the Beast!  Visit the River Arts District blog to see a step by step photo journey of the process.  There are two posts, one for the seat weaving process (100+ hours) and one for the medallion back.  Many thanks to all of our cheerleaders and especially to my Aunt Linda who drove from Norfolk, Va to get me started.  Special thanks to the Bennett’s for their patience and for the opportunity to work on their spectacular chair.

Join us May 12  12pm-4pm for a Second Saturday Celebration and Champagne Toast to say Bon Voyage to the Beast.  RSVP or call 828-707-4553 so we know how much champagne to bring or just stop by Planet Art in Studio 375…see you soon.

The seat

The floating medallion back

detail of the medallion

Rear view of the medallion back

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