Unusual Rush Chair

We would like to thank the cats of America for their assistance in our business.

After restoration

“How long did it take you to learn how to weave chair seats?”  is a question we hear regularly from guests who are intrigued by our craft.  The answer, after almost 10 years and thousands of chairs, is that we are constantly learning.

Dave recently repaired a rush chair that was a little unusual…it had arms with a post through the woven material. The chairs always surprise us and this one was no exception.  Troubleshooting is very common in our business.  Once you get the techniques down, the troubleshooting keeps things interesting.  After figuring out how to tackle the post, the weaving went on as usual…and again, Dave wove a perfect rush seat.

We had to disassemble the arms to do the weaving

The hole is actually drilled in the side rail

Start fill-ins like usual and wrap the outside the hole.

After securing the wrap, go back to the fill-in and weave like usual, using the INSIDE of the hole instead of the outside the rail.

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